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Peace of mind guaranteed.

We pride ourselves for taking on commissions that other clothing manufacturer cannot, we do not judge our customers based on the quantity of their order but prefer to help our customers achieve their needs in any which way that we can. Because of this dedication to our customers, we have become a well-established and trusted company throughout the clothing manufacturing industry.

about us

Small to Medium or Large quantities with guaranteed
quality and fast delivery.

Silk Routes handle both your design and manufacturing needs, we will help you with your ideas, designs, specification sheets, measurement charts, labelling and anything else that you require. Our business team is with you every step of the way, finding you the solutions that needed to further your project. The business team here at Silk Routes manage and contributes entire project for our customers. Because of this dedication to our customers, we have become a well established and trusted company throughout the garment manufacturing industry.

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Our partners are all experienced professionals, most of them having been in the garments manufacturing industry for decades. All of our employees have specific factory experience which enables them to understand the requirements of the customers, as well as the capabilities and limitations of the factories. We have a well established chain of professionals who in their own rights are masters of their trade, this is why we can bring you the very best professionals to help in all aspects of your design manufacturing process.

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