Conforming to Recognized Standards of Production.

We at Silk Routes are committed to ethical trade. We comply with standards, practices, industry rules and government regulation. We know that it is crucial,
no matter which industry you work in to observe ethical practices for the greater good of everyone. Within the apparel industry, conforming to recognized standards of production is one of the most important steps in order to produce high-quality products while achieving production goals and maximizing profits.
ethical trade

Keep calm & go green.

Silk Routes is compliant in all aspects of its social responsibility, as defined by the local rules and regulations, it is an important aspect of our business philosophy. We can provide you the right factory for your requirements. We have various factories with their own standards, so if you require green garment factories (LEED), fair trade, 100% organic or any specific certification, contact us and we will try to find a factory that meets your needs.

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